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Allen Richmond MD, P.C.
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 17 reviews
by Katherine Zakari on Allen Richmond MD, P.C.
Excellent Service

The office staff is quick and efficient and listens to your eye problems. Easy to make and appointment. Dr. Richmond is a wonderful surgeon. If you need glasses after your surgery and appointment there is a excellent adviser to obtaining your glasses.

by Jack N. on Allen Richmond MD, P.C.
Dr. Allen C. Richmond...The Best of the Best

There is no way I can adequately describe how much I value Dr, Richmond. From the first moment I spoke with him, throughout my cataract surgeries and post surgery visits this gentleman was pure class. I could tell he cares a GREAT deal about his patients both personally and professionally. This includes all of his staff as well.

He never failed to take the time to answer my questions or concerns before and after the two surgeries. He eased the fears I had and that meant a lot to me.

The flowers given to me after each surgery were a pleasant surprise.

Dr. Richmond, if you are reading this I, once again, want to thank you for your professionalism and caring about me.

by Joseph Egan on Allen Richmond MD, P.C.
Dr. Richmond

I can't say enough good things about Dr. Richmond. He and his office are very personable and professional. I had my cataracts removed and everything went smoothly. I will definitely recommend Dr. Richmond to my family and friends.

by Dolores Czop on Allen Richmond MD, P.C.
DR. Richmond

Dr. Richmond is a wonderful, kind and considerate man. I had both my cataracts removed and everything turned out fine.

by Peggy T. on Allen Richmond MD, P.C.

Dr. Richmond is an excellent surgeon.

by Elizabeth Egan on Allen Richmond MD, P.C.
Excellent Experience

Dr. Richmond treated me for my cataracts. He is a very professional, personable and caring doctor. He showed that he really cared after my cataract surgery. He called my home the same night I had surgery to see how I was doing. Also, the delivery of the flowers to my home was a very personable touch. You don't see that anymore. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for an eye doctor. As far as doctors concerned, he gets an A+ rating in my book.

by Theresa Sutak on Allen Richmond MD, P.C.

I have been a patient of Dr. Richmond for several years and I am so impressed with him. He recently removed my cataracts and he was so understanding and kind. He cares about his patients and gives quality care. His whole staff is also the best.

by Lucille Krystopowicz on Allen Richmond MD, P.C.

Very professional office from the moment you walk-in until the moment you leave

by Elean P on Allen Richmond MD, P.C.

I've been seeing Dr. Richmond for years. He's great - Always courteous, efficient, caring and I have no problem with his treatment.

by Rick Saldan on Allen Richmond MD, P.C.

I owe much gratitude to my primary physician, Dr. YANA A. SAKNOVSKY for recommending and referring DR. ALLEN C. RICHMOND for the serious right eye cataract removal surgery.

I was not able to have any type of proper vision in my right eye due to advanced complications of a cataract blurring condition. I suffered for months with this serious 100% loss of vision. My left eye also had a minor cataract condition and the combination of the two caused me to experience significant difficulty with my peripheral vision. Every day I was stumbling and found it was unsafe to drive at night. Watching a football game on television was a hardship. I had thought I would soon become totally blind in my right eye.

Then my earnest prayers were answered, my multi fears and anxieties were  lifted and for me a great miracle occurred in my vision!

I had kept my appointment with a noble ophthalmologist, DR. ALLEN C. RICHMOND, a distinguished gentleman, with excellent bedside manners, someone who clearly enjoys his profession, who with assuring confidence explained and carefully guided me step by step regarding the principles of having corrective cataract surgery.

On 1-20-16 "the sun did come out tomorrow"-because my full vision after my cataract surgery, I had my youthful vision back. DR. RICHMOND with his high professional skills and healing hands, had restored my sight •••  I COULD NOW•• • SEE AGAIN!

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